What Does A Special Education Teacher Do To Help?

Special Education Teacher work

What does a special education teacher do when they have to deal with pupils who cannot follow the standard educational system? The answer will, of course, depend on the circumstances of the individual case and how that specific education authority normally deals with that situation. Most of the time, a case will be dealt with in the classroom if that is possible, as this gives the best possibility of the child being able to integrate to some degree with the other children.

The essence of the role of the special education teacher is that they are exclusively concerned with children who are not able to learn within the standard education system, usually because of a genuine medical condition which prevents them from storing and processing information. There have been many problems in the past with children being thought to be lazy or just not interested in learning, when in fact they had a medical condition which demanded proper attention. Being able to identify these children is a major part of the role of a special education teacher, and the earlier this happens the better the chances will be of the child receiving early help.

Most of the teaching of children with special needs still takes place in the classroom, as this has been found to be the most effective way. For this to work, the condition which the child is suffering from needs to be relatively mild, as they cannot receive excessive amounts of attention to the detriment of the other children in the class. This is the greatest danger which the system faces, and one way of getting round this is for the teacher to be given an assistant who can carry out many of the routine tasks, and attend to the child when the teacher needs to be addressing the entire class.

If you are wondering what does a special education teacher do when the condition worsens and the child’s behavior starts to affect the other children in the class, the answer is usually that the child will need to be separated and taught in isolation. This is something which happens as rarely as possible, not just because of the extra expense but because it can make the child feel even more alone and isolated. There are times, though, when there is simply no alternative and where the child needs to be taught alone. Obviously, the needs of the other children need to borne very much in mind.

In order to be able to satisfy this role in society you will need to be properly qualified. There is a mandatory requirement for a bachelor’s degree before you can apply for licensing in any state, and licensing is essential to work in this profession. You can get a job as a teacher’s assistant without needing the high level of education, but you will still need to be licensed as everyone working with children needs to be able to prove that they are not a risk factor.

Now that you have an insight into what does a special education teacher do, you can make an informed choice as to whether to follow this career. It is a long term commitment which needs a significant investment of time and effort in acquiring the necessary qualification and licensing, but you can now complete these studies while you are still working at your current job. Many of the people who do this are teachers in mainstream education seeking to improve their skills, but you can certainly come in from another career, now that you understand what does a special education teacher do.

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